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In line with the requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2014, Folkestone Town Council confirms the Town Clerk is the only employee with a salary of at least £50,000.

The Town Clerk manages the officer team and is responsible for a budget of circa £905,000 and is the councils Proper Officer, Responsible Financial Officer, Head of Paid Service and Data Protection Officer.

The Town Clerk has a statutory duty to carry out all the Councils functions, ensuring the Council fulfils its legal obligations and that the instructions of the Council, in connection with its functions as a Local Authority are carried out.

The Town Clerk advises the Council on, and assists in the formation of, overall policies and procedures to be followed in respect of the Authority’s activities and compiles information and reports to allow Council to make effective decisions prior to the implementation of them.

Town Clerk

Jennifer Childs

Tel: 01303 257946
Finance Officer 

Phil Cross

Tel: 01303 257946
Assistant Clerk

Toni Brenchley

Tel: 01303 257946


Town Sergeant

Ian Bishop

Tel: 01303 257946



Executive Assistant

Georgina Wilson

Tel: 01303 257946



Marketing & Communications Officer

Liz Timmins

Tel: 01303 257946



Communities & Events Officer

Vicky Deakin

Tel: 01303 257946



Visitor Services Officer

Jennifer Conway

Tel: 01303 257946






Darran Cowd

Tel: 01303 257946



Audience Development Officer

Alison Moore

Tel: 01303 257946

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