Parks & Gardens

In 2021 the Town Council adopted 8 play parks from the District Council. The play parks, over many years, have had insufficient budget to support any ongoing maintenance and some repairs were undertaken where they were affordable, however, where an item was irreparable or past its useful life, it was removed without replacement, resulting in some very sparce areas and a decline in the play value of the park.

During the last 2 years our green spaces have become even more important, even some of our smallest parks have helped to shape local identity, helped people overcome social isolation and create a sense of belonging. It is clear, that even in their current state, these parks would have been people’s lifeline during the pandemic and the Town Council is investing to bring the parks, that are currently in a state of disrepair, back into public use for the long-term and provide a safe, accessible place for people in the local community to use.

Below are images of the new designs for the parks, work is due to commence in October 2022.


To find out more or report any damage in any of the parks - please email



Coniston Road





Downs Road


Firs Lane


George Gurr


Pine Way 


Roman Way


Southern Way