Christmas Message from The Worshipful Town Mayor of Folkestone, Councillor Michelle Keutenius.

Published: 14 December 2020


As Christmas and the end of 2020 approaches, we look back and reflect on what has been a year of unprecedented change and uncertainty for us all.

Our normal routines and lives have altered dramatically during the course of the Covid 19 pandemic. This will unfortunately also be reflected in how we celebrate the festive season when we would, in normal times, gather with family and friends. This year we may be separated from our loved ones for our and their own safety.

We humans are social creatures so the isolation we have all felt at times over this year has, at times, been hard to bear but hope for something better is everywhere to be seen. From the amazing community spirit that has thrived around us in supporting our friends and family, to the many thousands who have volunteered time in their local community hubs or as NHS volunteers, to the heroic efforts of our doctors, nurses, carers, porters and others working in our hospitals. The dedication of our public servants, teachers, police, armed services personnel, local businesses and all those who have provided help and support over these difficult months, I thank you!

To all those who will continue giving their all over Christmas and New Year, I thank you all!

I would also like to ask everyone to spare a thought for all those less fortunate than ourselves; the homeless, the vulnerable and the lonely. If you have anything more you can give, please support them and each other.

I wish everyone a Christmas of peace, good health and happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.