Public Notice

Published: 15 May 2021

Hazard : Infection Holding face-to-face council or committee meetings during the ongoing pandemic could provide an opportunity for the coronavirus to be passed on.

Control Measures:

1. In person meetings will only take place when they cannot take place remotely or through delegation to the Town Clerk.

2. Meetings should only feature business which cannot be transacted elsewhere and should be run in an efficient fashion in order to minimise the time in which people are together in the same room.

3. At the beginning of the meeting, the Chair should make an announcement reminding members, officers and members of the public of the need to conduct the business of the meeting in an efficient and timely manner.

4. The meeting will be set up to ensure that social distancing is easily observed. Councillors will be allocated their own seat which will be at least 1 metre from others. Members of the public will be seated in the foyer area at least 1-2 metres apart.

5. The layout of the seating will endeavour to ensure that people are not face-to-face in close proximity.

6. The Town Hall will be opened at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, in order to allow people to arrive at separate times and so there is no congestion in the entrance foyer.

7. Councillors and members of the public will be instructed to take their seats immediately after arriving and to refrain from mingling, private conversation and making contact with surfaces they do not need to.

8. The toilets in the Town Hall will be open, but attendees are advised to use the toilet before they leave home, so as to cut down on contact points and the chances of coming into close contact with others in a confined space.

9. All available windows/doors will be open throughout the meeting, in order to allow clean air in and to prevent the virus spreading.

10. The kitchen is a restricted area. No drinks will be provided.

11. Notices, reminding attendees to observe social distancing and to wear a mask at all times will be displayed.

12. A hand sanitiser point has been set up in the foyer.

13. Councillors and members of the public will be advised not to attend the meeting if they have any of the following symptoms: a dry cough, a temperature or loss of taste/smell.

14. Councillors and members of the public will be advised not to attend if someone in their household has been asked to self-isolate after potentially having contact with someone with the virus.

15. All attendees will be required to sign in for test and trace purposes, either using the QR code or providing their name and contact details to an officer.

16. Attendees will be advised that if they need to cough or sneeze, they should do so into a tissue which they should then take home. If a tissue is not to hand, the inside of the arm should be used.

17. Attendees should bring their own pens and paperwork and take everything home with them including any of litter and not leave items which others will have to touch to dispose of.

18. Everyone must where a face mask unless exempt.