July is Plastic Free July!

Published: 02 July 2021

July is Plastic Free July! Get involved at  plasticfreejuly.org

We have been busy since the last update!

As part of our plans coming out of the pandemic restrictions, we planned a socially distanced Community Litter pick for one Sunday in June. We had not taken account of the weather and got soaked in the process! It was still a worthwhile time and litter was collected from the Broadmead area of town by our hardy and bedraggled band of volunteers, helped by Giles Barnard from the District Council. Showing a little love to our town is an important part of community action and we are grateful to Giles for supplying us with litter picking sticks and consistently supporting our litter picking initiatives.

A few of us also supported the recent Make The Wave parade along the beach drawing attention to climate change during the recent G7 summit.

We are also supporting an exciting new project by Folkestone’s Performing Arts Centre, ‘Plastic Project’ www.fpac.info and www.spacehive.com/FolkestonePlasticProject. Keep an eye out for more news on these sites or get in touch with us via email on plasticfreefolkestone@gmail.com

We are going full steam ahead with finding business champions – in order to sign up you need to pledge three ways to reduce plastic in your business or demonstrate three ways you are already doing this. Some examples are:

  • -          Swap plastic takeaway cutlery for wooden cutlery,
  • -          Swap bubble wrap for collapsible cardboard protective packaging,
  • -          Switch to glass bottles or canned drinks,
  • -          Avoid the use of balloon releases at your events,
  • -          Signpost routes to recycling so employees can be sure of your commitment to this cause.

Please email if you are interested in showing your commitment to reducing plastic pollution and protecting our environment.

 Individuals can make a difference too. 

  • -          Purchase solid shampoo or use a refillable glass bottle,
  • -          Use a refillable bottle for household cleaning products,
  • -          Invest in a reusable cup for hot or cold drinks and trips to the coffee shop,
  • -          Read up on the damage done by plastic waste to our rivers and oceans,
  • -          Ask about the plastic pollution record of any company you are thinking of investing in,
  • -          Use your own bag for shopping rather than purchasing a plastic-based ‘bag for life’,
  • -          Speak to cafés and coffee shops who use plastic sachets or plastic cutlery about alternatives,
  • -          Consider reusable cotton pads, panty liners and sanitary towels.


Start small – begin with just one thing then gradually introduce others into your everyday life. Folkestone has shops and online businesses who already support refills and reusable products – we can be proud of how our town is responding and increasingly saying ‘no’ to plastic waste and pollution. We can all make a difference if we work together.